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Military Record

Transcribed from Microfilm for FRANCIS, HARRY

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Age at Enlistment: 21Rank at Enlistment: PVTEnlistment Location: Boonville KyEnlistment Date: 8/19/61
Muster Location: Camp Dick RobinsonMuster In Date: 9/22/61Company: D


Muster PeriodStatus
to_OCT_31_61not stated
NOV_DEC_61not stated
DEC_31_61_TO_APR_30_62present, promoted to 4 corp 3/5/62
APR_30_TO_AUG_31_62not stated
JAN_FEB_63present, rank listed as 3 corp
APRIL_10_63not stated, promoted to 1corp inlieu of Thomas M Clark promoted 3/1/63
JULY_AUG_63absent, detached for hospital nurse 7/25/63
NOV_DEC_63present, rank listed as 1 sgt
JAN_FEB_64absent, under [something]est 2/5/64, reduced to ranks from 1st Corp
MAR_APR_64absent, in confinement on dry tortugas by sentence of GCM 4/15/64
MAY_JUN_64absent, in confinement on dry tortugas by sentence of GCM 4/15/64
JUL_AUG_64absent, in confinement on dry tortugas by sentence of GCM 4/15/64

Notes from Musters and assorted items found at end of record:
Adjutant General's Office
war Dept
Tried by Gen. C. M. for 'Mutiny' found guilty and sentenced to be reduced to the ranks as a private soldier and that he be then confined at hard labor on the 'Dry Tortugas' for the period of one year.

Detachment Muster Out
Louisville Ky
Private Francis served out his sentence and was returned to his Regiment where he arrived on 4/9/65 but was not taken upon the company rolls as no account was made of him at the time of consolidation of 19th and 22nd with 7th Kentucky Vet Vols 12/64.