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Military Record

Transcribed from Microfilm for DOUGHTY, ROBERT N.

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Age at Enlistment: 27Rank at Enlistment: pvtEnlistment Location: London KyEnlistment Date: 9/22/61
Muster Location: Camp Dick RobinsonMuster In Date: 9/22/61Company: K


Muster PeriodStatus
to_OCT_31_61not stated
NOV_DEC_61not stated
DEC_31_61_TO_APR_30_62not stated
APR_30_TO_AUG_31_62absent, sick furlough in Laurel Co
SEPT_OCT_62absent, sick furlough in Laurel Co
NOV_DEC_62absent, left sick in Laurel Co
JAN_FEB_63absent, left sick in Laurel Co
APRIL_10_63absent, left sick in Laurel Co
MAR_APR_63absent, left sick in Laurel Co
MAY_JUNE_63absent, left sick in Laurel Co
JULY_AUG_63absent without leave
SEPT_OCT_63dropped from roll for AWOL

Notes from Musters and assorted items found at end of record:
Deserted February 1862 at Cumberland Ford

War Dept

All charges of absence without leave and desertion against this man are removed. He was absent sick from 12/8/61 to 9/18/63 when he was admitted to Genl Hosp Lexington ky with varicose veins and sent to Camp Nelson 9/29/63 admitted to Conval Camp (Camp Distribution) Camp Nelson Ky and transferred to 17th Co, 20th BTTN I.C. 10/16/63

Descriptive Roll
Blue Eyes
Dark hair
light complexion
5'9in tall

The company clothing books were burned at the evacuation of Cumberland Gap aug 31 1862. Robert. N. Dougherty was attacked with fever in Oct 1861 which made said soldier a cripple since that time he has done no duty whatever. Several applications has been made by his company officer to get him discharged but the paper was either so roughly made out or lost so that said soldier was never discharged.