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Military Record

Transcribed from Microfilm for HENSLEY, JAMES H.

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Age at Enlistment: 24Rank at Enlistment: PvtEnlistment Location: ManchesterEnlistment Date: 8/19/61
Muster Location: Camp Dick RobinsonMuster In Date: 9/22/61Company: B


Muster PeriodStatus
to_OCT_31_61not stated
NOV_DEC_61see notes
DEC_31_61_TO_APR_30_62present, lost 1 screw driver 1 wipers 1 B knife
APR_30_TO_AUG_31_62absent, detached 8/22/62
SEPT_OCT_62absent, detached 8/22/62
NOV_DEC_62absent, see notes
JAN_FEB_63awol memphis TN 12/20/62
APRIL_10_63not stated
JULY_AUG_63absent, sick in hosp at New Orleans 8/23/63
SEPT_OCT_63absent, left at Carrolton La 9/5/63
NOV_DEC_63absent, left at Carrolton La 9/5/63
JUL_AUG_64present,promoted to 6corp 7/1/64. due $9.65 for Transp to US

Notes from Musters and assorted items found at end of record:
NOV_DEC_61: on sick furlough from the [blank] day of Dec to the [blank] day of Dec. Furlough out and he is not able to get to camp.

NOV_DEC_62: sent by Lieut Col J.W. Ridgell to hunt boarding for wife in Memphis. Did not return 21st D

Muster Out
Louisville Ky

Appears on returns as follows:
May 62: absent sick at Ford 5/22/62
Oct 62: absent on detach service in Ky since last report
Dec 62 - feb 63: absent without leave in memphis TN since 12/20/62
oct 63: Gain 10/1/63 Brashear City from desertion. Absent sick New Orleans

Affidavit explaining AWOL from NOV_DEC_62 to MAR_APR_63
Milliken's Bend 3/31/63
This Affiant says that when his regiment (the 3rd regiment Ky Vols) left Memphis Tenn on the 21st day of December 1862 to move down the river to the mouth of the Yazoo that his wife was there. She was an utter stranger in the city. And when his regiment went on the boat (Dic vernon) she went aboard with the Regiment, as she had been with the regiment for something like twelve months and had always moved and travelled with the regiment as it moved. But after the men(and his wife) were on board it was understood that it was prohibited for women, laundresses, or other attached others to travel with the expedition and his wife was sent on shore and left for herself. After she had gone on shore and it was growing late in the evening Lieut Col J.W. Ridgell, who was then commanding the 3rd Ky infty Vols, told this affiant to go out into the city and procure a place for his wife to stay for a while. And affiant did as directed by Lieut Col JH Ridgell. It was quite late before he found a place and had made the necessary arrangements for her. This affiant made an attempt to return to the boat and regiment but the streets were filled with guards and they would not let him pass during the night and the boat with the Regt left the wharf and was gone before he could reach the place where he had left. After day light next morning and before another boat left and he could procure transportation to his regt and within a week after being left affiant was taken down in the back and remained in charge of different Army surgeons. there duty at Memphis until about the last of Feby 1863 when he was sent to his regt and he joined his regt as soon as he could at this place about the 12th day of March 1863.
Given under my hand the place and date above mentioned.
James H Hensley