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Military Record

Transcribed from Microfilm for CLARK, A. H.

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Age at Enlistment: 25Rank at Enlistment: CaptEnlistment Location: Boonville KyEnlistment Date: 8/19/61
Muster Location: Camp Dick RobinsonMuster In Date: 9/22/61Company: D


Muster PeriodStatus
DEC_31_61_TO_APR_30_62present, has servant named Willis King
JAN_FEB_63Resigned 2/24/63
to_OCT_31_61not stated
NOV_DEC_61not stated

Notes from Musters and assorted items found at end of record:
POW Record
Captured at Richmond Ky 8/30/62
Paroled at Richmond Ky 8/30/62

'Hd Qtrs 9th Division
Young's Point La 2/18/63

Captain Clark is in my opinion a very inefficient officer. The state of his regiment which was formerly very good sunk while under his control far below the ordinary standard which should be attained even with indifferent materials.

Besides being deficient in military knowledge and spirit if would appear from the style of his resignation that Capt Clark is utterly illiterate. For these reasons I recommend the acceptance of this officer's resignation.

P. Jos. Osterhaus
Brig Gen Comd'g'

'Hd Qtrs 1st Brigade

Capt Clark has of late become very dissatisfied because he has not been recommended to fill the vacancy occassioned by the resignation of Lt. Col Ridgell. He is a good man but a poor officer without energy or discipline.

He has had his heart set on being a Colonel since Aug last. He's called on me to recommend him to the Military Board but I refused and gave him the reason that he had neither energy or discipline. I am satisfied the service will be better off without him. He had been in the service 18 months and he does not improve. He is second senior Capt and been in comman of the Regt.

T.T. Garrard
Col 3rd Ky Commd'g Brigade'

Capt Clark's Resignation letter itself is unreadable on the microfilm.